iMoo is a simple and fun application that lets the user enjoy the classic "Moo-in-a-can" toy. Just turn the iPod/iPhone upside down and then right-side up to hear one of the nine distinct moo sounds from which you can choose from. You can also select the randomize feature to hear random moo sounds. 

For those who have an iPhone or an iPod Touch (second generation), you can even record your own moo sounds with our built in record feature and then play them back as your very own custom moo sounds. 

So get some iMoo in you and enjoy the pastures!

About the Panda

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solely to provide you with diversions and amusements. Like the adorable Panda Cub, for whom we are named, who delights audiences the world over with his every belch and wiggle, each unconscious twitch and blink sending the crowd into hysterics or choruses of “oooh!” and “aaaaah!”, yes, like the majestic “cat-bear” of China we aim to cause similar reactions in you, the

And if we do not get them, we will
chew a bamboo leaf sullenly.


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