Real Life

Missing Mom


Since my last posting some months ago, I have suffered the loss of my mom. She finally succumbed to the years of being afflicted with chronic pulmonary disease as a result of her lifelong smoking cigarettes. My dad and I were her primary caregivers for the last seven years, of which the last two were a challenge to say the least. She was in and out of the hospital, yet always retained her sense of humor, resolve and loving concern for us. For anyone who has lost a parent then you know well the emotions and to some degree the tumult that goes with it. Fortunately for me, I have a prodigious amount of love and support from friends and family which has given me much comfort and solace. It goes without saying that prayers prayed by many, as well as the sacraments of the Church provided a very tangible sense of peace, hope and consolation.


Mom taught me many lessons in life, often time unbeknownst to me. One of which is to not get so caught up in the past as to not continue going forward in the present moment. So of course I will keep on “pandaing” and it goes without saying that I will return to working upon my panda apps. Mom was one of my biggest supporters for taking on this endeavor of love. One thing that I would ask, is to tell those who you are closest to how much you cherish them and love them. One day they may no longer be present to hear those wonderful words.