Misc. Ramblings Reviews BSD-The Bullshit Detector


Fridays are always wonderful days, so it is quite appropriate that I get to share with you a new review of BSD-The bullshit app from one of our wonderful blogger friends Tami over at Misc. Ramblings!. For those who are new to Panda, I hope you go over to her blog and follower her site. Tami is a lot of fun and has a great sense of jollity, as well as very approachable nature that comes through her writing.


In terms of her review, she had made quite a profound pronouncement about BSD, in relating how we at Panda Cub have “helped me decide who is full of [it], and who isn’t!” Ha! So there you have it in one short, sweet and to the point affirmation as to how truly beneficial the BSD app is for one and all!


So like Tami, allow BSD-The Bullshit Detector to help you determine who is full of it and who isn’t!


Misc. Rambling BSD-The Bullshit Detector Review

Realms Gamer Reviews iFacepalm



Our new best blogger buddy Michael over at Realms Gamer wrote a resplendent review for our latest app iFacepalm! What I found interesting was his particular take on what the app actually did for him, in that it reduced his stress and brought about a calming reaction to an otherwise inherently frustrating tense moment. After relating the two situations that caused him to become irritable and trollish, he says that using iFacepalm, “is much better than angry words or arguments…I would rather see her laugh at the cute face palming panda than get upset hearing me complain.” Who would have ever guessed that a very simple and fun little entrainment app could have such a positive and beneficial effect!

So there you have it! Written truth from one who has commanded the very foundations of the gaming module he runs for his group of gamers! So next time life hands you a bunch of lemons, forget about making lemon aid, rather you should bust out your iFacepalm and feel the stress and anxiety fade away by our cute animated characters!

We at Panda H.Q. truly are making the world a better place for all!

So head over to Real Gamer to read the iFacepalm review:

Realms Gamer iFacepalm Review

Realms Gamer Review BSD



Not many might be aware of this little known fact about the Panda Lord, but I would definitely be classified as a ‘Gamer”. What is a Gamer exactly and what does it have to do with Panda Cub you ask? Well, I am glad you asked! A Gamer is one who loves to play role-playing games, as well as war-games. Now how does this fit in with all things Panda? Well, one of our dear Panda friends Nina, who was kind enough to review iMoo some time back* has a dad (don’t we all?) who turns out runs a gamer blog! So of course I have to ask if Michael would kindly review our latest app BSD and he said yes!

Right off the bat Michael hits the nail on the head when he says that BSD is “a weapon in the fight against the bullshit that surrounds us everyday!” In times such as these I think we cal all use a weapon that helps empower us all against the BS that faces us daily! One of the amusing uses of BSD that Michael employed was at his Pathfinder game, when some of his players rolled a “20”, BSD was utilized  with the Blue Button pressed so as to get the maximum bullshit reading “informing the table of the total bullshit was going on in the game.” Talk about a GM’s Epic WIN!!!

So head over to Real Gamer to read the BSD review:

Realms Gamer BSD Review

*The One Fantastical iMoo Review

Close To Home Reviews iMoo

I must confess that it has been quite a while since we had any reviews for iMoo. Part of the reason has to do with working on some “other” super secret Panda endeavors, which when the time is right, I will be more than elated to reveal to you. So I thought with it being a new year, that it would be a good time to search out for some new, friendly bloggers to check out our beloved iMoo.

Our first review is written by Maria Long over at Close to Home. She mentions how her children where pretty excited in that they were going to try out an iPhone game. To be fair, iMoo is more of a diversionary entertainment app than a game per se. So you can well imagine that, “their interests did not last long.” Sorry guys! Don’t fret too much, we are working on something which we think will be more your speed, but I digress. The youngest on the other hand took an immediate liking to iMoo and “thought it was cute.” So all in all, I am quite pleased by the fact that not only was Maria kind enough to give iMoo a try, but that her little one did enjoy it. That to me is a win!

Close To Home iMoo Review

Our Friend Matt (Coral Productions) Releases His First App!

Our buddy Matt several months back approached me and asked what my thoughts were about him creating his own iPhone app business. I answered with a resounded “Go for it!” Watching how I went through the various stages of creating Panda Cub Production and seeing how Tim (aka the Panda Wizard) and I have been having a blast doing this business venture, he has had a very keen perspicacity of everything that has gone into making not only get off the ground but into an actually successfully business endeavor. Not only is our iMoo app still selling and going strong, but Tim and I have been ‘quietly” working other app projects that are at different stages of completion and which when we are ready to release you will be the first to know! So with all of that in mind, Matt forged ahead with making a go of his own iPhone app company called Coral Productions!

Now, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing with you the news that Matt has released his very first app! It is called Caution and Warning and functions as a virtual vehicle emergency light bar, that helps warns others when your vehicle is disabled. A great simple app that I bought and plan to use when my old “Blues Brothers” mobile doesn’t feel like go any farther!

So a big Panda Congrats to Matt and also to Steve, who did the programing for Caution and Warning…you might recognize the name, for he programed iMoo!

So head over to Coral Productions and get Caution and Warning, who knows…it could possibly help in saving your life!

Coral Productions

This Mama Loves Her Bargains Reviews iMoo

We have been fortunate enough to come across a lot of awesome mama’s over the course of looking for just the right reviewer for iMoo. Our latest mama is Bret over at This Mama Lovers Her Bargains aka the Queen B! Being that I am a big bee lover (can you say honey), I immediately was hooked on her site due to the cute little bee’s that make up her logo. Bret graciously accepted to write a review for her site and we are very fortunate that she did. The Queen B really enjoyed iMoo a lot! As you can well imagine, Bret as leader of her “hive” (i.e. family) is often faced with decisions on how best to direct activities. She relates how they “like to live on the edge around here and keep [iMoo] on random.” Talk about a stirring up the honey pot! The Queen B relates that iMoo “is a pretty fun app for adults and kids alike…I love how simple it is and it keeps my kids happy when we’re waiting in the doctor’s office of something.”  Looks like we made the Queen B and her Killer Bee’s* a very happy hive. Now that is as sweet as honey to us!

This Mama Lovers Her Bargains iMoo Review

* A reference to the classic SNL skits

To Be Thode Reviews iMoo

One of the very cool aspects of doing Panda Cub Productions, is that I get to meet all sorts of really lovely people from all walks of life. One such person who I just recently had the opportunity to chance upon is Stefany over at To Be Thode. What initially caught my eye about her blog was the very sweet floral design she had as her logo templet, for it has cute, multicolored birds in a varicolored tree. What can I say, I am a sucker for flowers and birds. I contacted Stefany and asked if she would like to review iMoo and she happily obliged. We were given a most divine review! She states that she would “Absolutely” recommend iMoo, for it “is something that any age can do so there is no need to worry about a difficulty level.” Stefany relates that she even made a little game out of guessing which would be the next moo sound with children and that her youngest one thought it was “hilarious…hearing her giggle makes this app a true winner in my book.” I have said it before in other posts, but it really never gets old to say again how gratifying it is for us to know that in some small way our little iMoo is helping to bring families together in a very simple way, while contributing in a small way to a lifetime of treasured memories.

To Be Thode iMoo Review

Mama’s Money Savers Reviews iMoo

In these particular difficult economic times, being smart with your hard earned money has become all the more crucial. I recently came across Mana’s Money Savers, a superb site that helps to address way in which we can save money, find good deals on products and even obtain some superb coupons. I asked Cher if she would be kind enough to review iMoo and she graciously obliged. One point that she shared was how iMoo brought back cherished childhood memories. How cool is it that our simple little app can resonate with adults in terms of reconnecting with childhood memories that they hold dear. It fascinates me to see how iMoo helps create a connection between child and adult just in terms of there being a shared experience by way of a simple technology. When letting her own little one play around with iMoo, “he was a “mooing” machine!” Cher goes on to say that it is a “very cute app and good for a few flips every now and then!” We were really pleased to hear how iMoo brought back dear memories of her childhood and how right she is for her observation about while technology has changed, it can create delightful lasting memories for a new generation. We can’t wait to hear about her boys reactions when they will be able to record their own moo sounds when the family gets their new iPhone. Talk about “mooning machines”!

Mama’s Money Savers iMoo Review

Best Apps 4 Kids Free App Friday: iMoo

Our Friends over at BestApps4Kids have started a brand new promotion where every Friday they will give away a free app! They approached us and asked if we would like to be the very first company to help take part in this friendly little venture. How could we not jump at an opportunity to help show our support for Casey and his very cool app review site! So head over there super fast and if you are lucky enough you can get a free iMoo!

Best App 4 Kids Free App Friday:iMoo

Mom State of Mind Reviews iMoo

Life presents us with both good and bad. How we choose to confront that reality it what helps to define ones character. You might be thinking to yourself…whoa Panda Lord, this is a blog for all things Panda Cub Productions, not a place for some quasi philosophical rhetoric. Well, I can’t quite help being a bit introspective this quiet, foggy morning. It is due in part to the new iMoo review by Shannon over at Mom State of Mind.  The good is that she states, “this application would be great for a child” and that her own little one named Tristan “did like the [moo] sounds.” So from that perspective it was a very good review. Now for the bad. Shannon relates how she “wasn’t impressed coming from an adult perspective” and going further saying that she “became very bored.” My Panda heart sunk reading how she felt. If you have been reading my blog entries over the course of our PCP history thus far, you will know how much I and the Panda Wizard love what we do and want others to be as passionate as we are with what we have created! Ruminating on this, I came away with this conclusion: First, giving an honest assessment of our app is of paramount important, I rather hear the Truth that be told something I want to hear. Second, not everyone is going to be as smitten about our beloved iMoo as we are as peculiar as that may sound. Lastly, that we are working on other apps and projects that will appeal to other sensibilities and tastes. I have a strong suspicion that one of our super secret apps (codename El Guante Brillante) which we have been working on since January will be something our new friend Shannon will really get a thrill out of!

Mom State of Mind iMoo Review